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My LaTeX installation, and many others on the internet seem to be typesetting arrows with thick bits in them, and it looks like a hypen or something has been overlayed over them. Does anyone have a solution---this isn't a problem on inkjets, it all just smudges together but it looks ugly on PDF viewers and nice laser printers.

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Are you sure you can see the problem on a laser printer? IMHO this is just a problem with screen rasterization. – Michael Ummels Mar 29 '11 at 5:24
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This is normal. LaTeX uses hypens to draw the lines of the arrows, because it can't really draw arbitrary vector graphics by itself.

The solution (for a few arrows) is to use a vector graphic package like pstricks or tikz:

For example using TikZ, inside text mode:

\tikz[baseline] \draw [->] (0,1ex) -- ++(3em,0);

Change the 1ex value if you want to change the height and the 3em for the length. You can place material on top of the by added node[above] {<text>} just before the closing ;.

See the manuals of the mentioned packages for more details.

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you can draw any arrow with the small package pict2e




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