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I'm trying to generate a snaked line with an arrow head at the end of the line, I can use the following code:


\begin{tikzpicture}[decoration=snake] % used for wavy arrows
\draw[>=stealth, ->, snake=snake,segment amplitude = .4mm, segment length = 2mm] (1.5,6.5) -- (0,9.5);


However, the placement of the arrowhead does not look correct in the sense that it is not in the center at the end of the line. How can I solve this?

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You can give a little room for the arrowhead computation by terminating the decoration a little earlier using post length key.

Also snake library is now obsolete and part of the decorations.pathmorphing library. So better switch to that or update your TikZ distribution if it's still the older version.


    amplitude = .4mm,
    segment length = 2mm,
    post length=0.9mm},decorate] (1.5,6.5) -- (0,9.5);

enter image description here

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