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I'm trying to make a really basic reference.

Let's say I have theses lines in my document :

Lorem Ipsum ...
Lorem Ipsum ... [1] here ... Lorem Ipsum ...
Lorem Ipsum ...

I want to anywhere in my document make a reference to [1] here.

I thought it would be simple to find out but I searched for too long and I got confused with all the sets and making a simple reference now seems to be like rocket-science to me.

I want the following result :

enter image description here

When clicking on the colored number 1, the line [1] here get at the top of my document viewer so the user feels easy to find the line directly.

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The hyperref package provides the pair of commands


for the creation of cross-references that are independent from counters. They are analogues of \label and \ref, respectively. Here's an example:




Go to the \hyperlink{lip}{second}, or  \hyperlink{lipsys}{third} paragraph.
The first hyperlink brings you \hypertarget{lip}{here.}
The second hyperlink brings you \hypertarget{lipsys}{here.}


On the other hand, if you wish associate cross-references to a counter, you can try using the following declarations:







Go to \ref{lipsys}, and \ref{lip}.
The second hyperlink brings you \foo{lip} here.
The first hyperlink brings you \foo{lipsys} here.


In the example above, \foo{<key>} (1) globally increments the counter bar, (2) maps the key to the current reference string, and (3) prints the value of bar. \textcolor{black}{...} is used to override the formatting applied by the hyperref package (otherwise it's typeset in the same colour as the counter).

enter image description here

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perfect ! thank you, it was not that hard finally and now my document has the look I want, Regards~ – 발렌탕 Mar 2 '13 at 21:05
and +1 for the counter solution – 발렌탕 Mar 2 '13 at 21:09

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