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I have a twocolumn document and I should insert the minitoc in the first chapters with titlesec and titletoc. I read the answer to Customize minitoc; however, if I change the \titleformat before appendices, all the sections of the appendix chapters will appear within the last minitoc:


% depending on this boolean, \chapter will create or not a partial ToC

  {\normalfont\huge\bfseries}{\chaptertitlename\ \thechapter}{20pt}{\Huge}





\chapter{Chapter One}
\section{Section One One}
\section{Section One Two}
\section{Section One Three}

\chapter{Chapter Two}
\section{Section Two One}
\section{Section Two Two}


\chapter{Appenix One}
\section{Section A One}
\section{Section A Two}
\chapter{Appenix Two}
\section{Section B One}
\section{Section B Two}


Any suggestion?

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To copy here what I already answered you your crosspost Switching off titletoc for some chapters on LaTeX-Community.org - you could use \stopcontents at the beginning of the appendix to prevent that the appendix sections would appear in the last minitoc:


\startcontents already stops the previous partial content, however to finally stop you need an explicit \stopcontents here.

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