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from what I could find on the net, the picture environment does not offer the triangle shape. It is possible to get something similar with lines but not when you want the triangle to be fill up with a solid color. Do you confirm? Maybe the bezier curves could be an option.

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picture environment is too old to use. You'd better use TikZ or PSTricks instead, which are the most powerful packages to draw pictures. And if you are so familar with standard picture environment that you don't want to change, you can also use pict2e to improve the standard picture environment.


In TikZ,

\filldraw[fill=orange,line width=1pt] (0,0) -- (4,3) -- (5,0) -- cycle;

In PSTricks,


In pict2e


enter image description here

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thanks. I know it is old and I'm using it in a very limited manner. I like the pict2e package. – pluton Feb 2 '11 at 13:32

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