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I'm using the urw-garamond mathdesign package, which doesn't support italic small-caps. Is there a decent substitute I can use? I've tried the slantsc package with no luck.

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You could fake the small caps with TikZ. The following example is from texample.net. It was writteb by Berteun Damman.

% Author: Berteun Damman
% Faking slanted small caps using TikZ low level transforms.
% If you externalize figures this will give a new figure for
% each usage!
   % The transform says:
   % x' = 1x + 0.22y + 0pt
   % y' = 0x + 1y    + 0pt
   % This gives a slant - adjust the value for each font!
   \node[inner sep=0pt] (N) {\textsc{#1}};%
   % In italicized environments normal small caps often looks wrong because of
   % its upright shape. A solution is to simply use all-uppercase in these
   % environments, but this too is ugly. Using TikZ one can fake a slant. This
   % is not that great, but better than nothing.
   % Note that http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/kpfonts/ for example
   % provides a font which has slanted small caps by default.

           The \textsc{gcd} of two numbers can be used to find
            the \textsc{lcm} of these numbers.
           The \textscsl{gcd} of two numbers can be used to find
           the \textscsl{lcm} of these numbers.

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You can use the garamondx package.



We can use \textit{\textsc{small caps in italic}}.
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