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Is there an equivalent to latexmk in Context? I want the script to watch my source files for changes and continuously recompile them.

Here is how I would do it with latexmk:

latexmk -bibtex -pdf -pvc document.tex

EDIT: I am on windows. Preferably this should be cross-platform (just like Context :-)

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Try the atchange program that is written in Perl and would work on Windows as well. – Aditya Mar 6 '13 at 7:23

I don't know latexmk, but if you just want to trigger a new ConTeXt run if you modify the source file you can use inotify (assuming you use Linux). This mechanism is not ConTeXt related. Here's a simple example watching the file somefile.tex.

while inotifywait --event modify "$file"; do
  context --batchmode "$file"

You can also watch an entire directory tree, for instance if you use a project structure.

Edit: On MacOS and other BSDs the kqueue mechanism provides a similar functionality.

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OSX also has filesystem events – morbusg Mar 5 '13 at 13:48
No I am on windows :-( – drozzy Mar 6 '13 at 4:05

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