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How could I create a cover page in a report as follows?

enter image description here

Especially I would like to know how to create this grey and red area.

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You could use TikZ – Lionel MANSUY Mar 6 '13 at 14:50
could you help me with the code? – giannis Mar 6 '13 at 15:04
You have to redefine the \maketitle macro (using \renewcommand). TikZ may help you to make the grey and red area, as you can refer to the current page node to position a colored rectangular frame. I suggest you to provide a MWE, so that we can help you on detailed points, rather to do all the job for you... – Lionel MANSUY Mar 6 '13 at 15:04
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I hope that the following helps you get started. Please provide more details if you want something more help.

This is my MWE using KOMA Script:



\author{Name A. Surname}
    \textcolor{BrickRed}{Journal of the} \vspace{1em}\\
Stackexchange \LaTeX users of the world wide web}

% This part depends on your actual environment, Here I am using KOMA script
    \begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture, overlay]
        % Gray boundary
        \node (left) at (current page.west)
              [rectangle, fill=gray, inner sep=0pt, anchor = west,
               minimum width=4cm, minimum height=1\paperheight]{};
        % Red boundary
        \node (bottom) at (current page.south)
              [rectangle, fill=BrickRed, inner sep=0 pt, anchor=south,
               minimum width=1\paperwidth, minimum height=0.5cm]{};

        % Some additional stuff:
        \node [yshift=\paperheight/3] (middle) at (current page.south)
              [rectangle, fill=Green, inner sep=0pt, anchor=north west,
               minimum height=3cm, minimum width=0.25\paperwidth]{};
        \node [yshift=\paperheight/3] (middle) at (current page.south)
              [rectangle, fill=BrickRed, inner sep=0pt, anchor=north east,
               minimum height=3cm, minimum width=0.25\paperwidth]{};
        \node [yshift=\paperheight/3] (middle) at (current page.south)
              [rectangle, fill=Goldenrod, inner sep=0pt, anchor=south west,
               minimum height=3cm, minimum width=0.25\paperwidth]{};
        \node [yshift=\paperheight/3] (middle) at (current page.south)
              [rectangle, fill=RoyalBlue, inner sep=0pt, anchor=south east,
               minimum height=3cm, minimum width=0.25\paperwidth]{};

        {\huge\usekomafont{title} \@title}

        {\usekomafont{disposition}\Large \@author}


enter image description here

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Start from the erdc class.

enter image description here

It offers a cover page almost identical to what you are looking for. Once you have a working version post the code in a MWE if you need assistance.

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