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I am using Sphinx to generate multi-output documents (Epub, HTML, LaTeX). How can I change the use documentclass?

The following snippet should (in my opinion) override the used class but results in

% Generated by Sphinx.

Here's the code from my conf.py:

latex_elements = {
     'papersize': '',
     'fontpkg': '',
     'fncychap': '',
     'maketitle': '',
     'pointsize': '',
     'preamble': '',
     'releasename': "",
     'babel': '',
     'printindex': '',
     'fontenc': '',
     'inputenc': '',
     'classoptions': '',
     'utf8extra': '',

The manual says, it should not be overridden, since other macros are responsible to set it. Is there a workaround?

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Looking at https://github.com/basespace/basespace-python-sdk/blob/master/doc/latex/sphinxmanual.cls it seems that class just loads the class specified by \sphinxdocclass so your generated code looks OK.

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