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How can I make apacite use a different connecting punctuation/word between the last 2 authors (in both the article body and bibliography)?

Instead of "Johnson, J. B., & Smith, J. (2013). Title of the article...", do "Johnson, J. B., 和 Smith, J. (2013). Title of the article...".

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apacite.sty defines, and apacite.bst uses, the following macros for that:

\newcommand{\BBAA}{\&}  % between authors in parentheses and ref. sec.
\newcommand{\BBAB}{and} % between authors in text

So do a


in your preamble after loading apacite.sty.

If you use a language file like english.apc (loaded automatically depending on the document language), these commands get redefined again when \begin{document} is issued. In this case,


should do the trick.

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Thanks! This didn't work for me as is though. english.apc also has a \renewcommand{\BBAA}{\&} and for whatever reason loads after my \renewcommand. However, making a local copy of english.apc (there isn't a Chinese one or apc of any Asian language) and then modifying the macros there does solve the problem. – ceiling cat Mar 8 '13 at 11:02

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