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I had inserted a pdf file in latex use this code


I want to insert some text on the first page .

I want this text have background color green and it can be put at any location i want

so I found this code to have my second requirement .


How can I combine this ?

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You can start with this example:


This MWE sets the page geometry and removes \parindent to get enough space for a A4 page to be included from the external pdf file. Also \pagestyle is set to empty to prevent typesetting of the page number. Command \includepdfmerge from the pdfpages package extracts the first page from hello.pdf (any A4 pdf file, not included in the MWE) and puts if into a vertical box by \vbox command. \unitlength defines the coordinate units (mm) to be used by the picture environment (default is 1pt). \vfill pushes the following picture to the bottom of the page, to be able to use the bottom left corner of the page as a reference point (0,0). The picture environment reserves space (200x200) for the picture drawing area and applies the command from the question to put a text box on a green background at the location (100,100) on top of the included pdf page.

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Can you please explain what you are doing in your MWE? Consider that not the macros you use must be known by the op ... – Kurt Mar 12 '13 at 18:45
@Kurt: explanation added. – g.kov Mar 13 '13 at 1:53

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