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I'd like to align a list of ratios in a column of a table by the colon. Is this possible using siunitx?

For instance ratios like the following.




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If the first part of the ratio is always 1: then the answer is yes. – Qrrbrbirlbel Mar 13 '13 at 22:11
Yes, that is the case. What setting do I need to look at? – Darling Mar 13 '13 at 22:16
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Helpful options are:

  • table-space-text-pre and
  • table-align-text-pre.

You need the set a dummy text with the -space- option, so siunitx can reserve the right space in front of the actual number.

The -align- option accepts true (default) or false and sets the alignment of the text (see example).

We only want 1.0 part so be typeset by siunitx, the 1 from 1: would confuse the parer; we need to hide it in braces: {1:} or {1}:.

As you can see in the last table, we can even use different numbers in front of : (though, as it currently stands, they will not be typeset by siunitx).


    0.9    \\
    1.0125 \\
    0.99   \\


    0.9    \\
    1.0125 \\
    0.99   \\


    {1:}0.9    \\
    {2:}1.0125 \\
    {3:}0.99   \\


enter image description here

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