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Consider the following




It's very simple and it pdf-compiles on my linux box (ubuntu 10.04, texlive 2009)

Now consider this similar code




On pdf and dvi compiling this last code I get the following error

ERROR: Undefined control sequence.

--- TeX said --- l.6 \square {0==A;1==B;2==C;3==D;4==E} --- HELP --- TeX encountered an unknown command name. .....

Uncommenting the two \usepackage lines do not solve the problem.

Any idea ??

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The command \square has been replaced by \squareplanar to avoid conflicts. Somehow this didn't get into the documentation. – egreg Mar 17 '13 at 17:01
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The aliphat.sty subpackage is always loaded, so there's no need to call it explicitly.

The \square macro has been disabled and substituted by \squareplanar in order to avoid conflicts with math packages that use the \square macro.

Here's an extract from aliphat.dtx:

3191 % The command |\square| is renamed to be |\squareplanar|. The code is entirely replaced. 
3192 %
3193 % \changes{v4.05}{2009/11/08}{Bug fix: \cs{square} to \cs{squareplanar}}

For some reason, the change didn't make its way into the documentation.

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