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I'm using LyX portable on windows, and I get this message

the selected document class article(hebrew) requires external files that are not avialable. ... the following prerequisites are installed: article.cls theorem.sty

I can't convert lyx to pdf. i have seen an answer to this question, but not for LyX portable.

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If you are using Ubuntu or any linux distro try to do these:

  1. Search for texlive-latex-extra AND tex-math-extra AND texlive-lang-hebrew in any package manager and install them
  2. In LyX press Tools>Reconfigure
  3. Restart LyX
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If Fedora or another RPMy distribution, yum install 'tex(missing.sty)' gets the missing piece(s) and dependencies. –  vonbrand Mar 18 '13 at 19:58

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