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Please consider \pstVerb{/#2 \csname#2\endcsname\space def} in the following code snippet.

    \pstVerb{/#2 \csname#2\endcsname\space def}%

Its purpose is to define a constant for expressions written in RPN notation.

My complete code below


    \pstVerb{/#2 \csname#2\endcsname\space def}%









use \psparametricplot[algebraic,linecolor=red,linestyle=dashed]{0}{\Tf}{\X(t)|\Y(t)} with algebraic option. As you can see there is no expressions written in RPN notation.

However, if I disable \pstVerb{/#2 \csname#2\endcsname\space def} (by commenting it with %), the compilation successes in latex and dvips phases but fails in ps2pdf phase with

Error: /undefined in Xo
... <other errors go here but omitted for brevity> ....

I am using algebraic option but why must I specify some constants that are only needed for expressions written in RPN?

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No need to define constants in PS world if I change the parametric function with constants from TeX world.

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I just realized this several minutes ago by accident. Oh my ghost! – kiss my armpit Apr 12 '13 at 8:22

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