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I've always used .tex-> .dvi -> .ps -> PDF workflow for PDF creation. Now I want to switch to direct .tex -> PDF creation using pdfTeX engine (LuaLaTeX, ConTeXt or pdfLaTeX). But I have a strict requirements for pdf - .joboption, which I use with Distiller. Does any body wrote Distiller joboptions aliases for pdfTeX? How it should be done? For example, I see joboptions:

  /ASCII85EncodePages false
  /AllowTransparency false
  /AutoPositionEPSFiles true
  /AutoRotatePages /None

All these "tasks" (/foo) has to be written with \pdfliteral, like: /ASCII85EncodePages false --> \pdfliteral {<code to set ASCII85EncodePages to false>}

Is it even possible?

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You can't: Distiller job options are for Distiller. You can post-process your PDF from pdfLaTeX with Adobe's tools, but that's off-topic for us. – Joseph Wright Mar 18 '13 at 18:39
Why do you give those options? Perhaps the direct LaTeX ~~-> PDF trip gives you what you want already, or with some options to pdflatex or to the packages you are using? – vonbrand Mar 18 '13 at 19:33
Vonbrand, options I wrote are just an example. I'm pretty shore that pdftex does lots of that job automatically, but I don't now how to test wich of the joboptions are done. – Linas Mar 18 '13 at 19:43
@Linas: pdfTeX does not handle any Distiller joboptions (as it is not a PostScript distiller). What problem do you want to solve? – Martin Schröder Mar 19 '13 at 12:21
Martin, now I understood that. As I wrote in a main post, I want to switch to pdflatex. But I need to be shore, that it passes the distiller .joboptions, because publisher uses thees .joboptions to check pdf. So, I think I need to write a special tex styles where I would program something for different types of pdf. – Linas Mar 19 '13 at 18:59

It depends on the Distiller job options, whether you can go the direct route via pdfTeX. At least the shown options seem not to pose a problem:

/ASCII85EncodePages false

pdfTeX compresses the pages with /FlateEncode. (Compression can be turned off via \pdfcompresslevel=0.) /ASCII85Encode is not used for page streams.

/AllowTransparency false

Unless you are using a package that enables/uses transparency, transparency is not used by pdfTeX itself.

/AutoPositionEPSFiles true

Not relevant. Images in LaTeX are usually embedded with packages graphics/graphicx/pdfpages.

/AutoRotatePages /None

pdfTeX does not have a "auto-rotating" feature.

But there are options that will not work with pdfTeX.

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