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I was able to write the bulk of my thesis on LyX and I thought it will end that way. With the whooshing sound of the deadline in my ears, I am desperately looking for your help.

I am trying to insert citations in jurabib style and as a matter of fact, after a plethora of errors and some intuitive tweaking at the moment I ended up with a ? sign where the citation should have been.

Since, I am a newbie I won't be able to provide details. Instead, I will beg your help by sharing my files.

This is my thesis.

This is my .bib file that I got through Zotero, output format is bibtex.

Lastly, this all the installed packages filtered by the word "latex":

enter image description here

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Have a look at Question mark instead of citation number. A question mark indicates either that you have failed to run bibtex or that the entry was missing from your database. – Andrew Swann Mar 20 '13 at 8:09
Without any example - the links are broken - it is hard to answer. – e-birk Mar 27 '13 at 23:39