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I have to use a particular latex template. On the titlepage there is a logo in the header which is to high.

Class memoir Warning: The material used in the headers is too large (78.7743pt) for the given head height (14.5pt), it is recommended to either increase the head height or redesign the header (in both cases you will find help in the memoir manual). on input line 114.

Now I guess I have to use \setheadfoot{ headheight }{ footskip } (memoir manual page 20). The title page has a \newgeometry statement, I tried to insert it before and after but either the header is higher than the page or \textheight is not changed so the footer is below the border of the page.

Where should I set \setheadfoot{ headheight }{ footskip }? Or is there another way?

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I'd redesign the title page not using the header for placing material. – egreg Mar 21 '13 at 13:22
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I ended up doing it with the geometry package.



I don't know if mixing memoir and geometry package is a good idea but it's already done in some places in the template.

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