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I try to include an entire pdf file with pdfpages but I will not use numbering in the table of contents. Here is a MWE, which illustrates the problem.

Only a test
\addsec{Another Test}
\includepdf[pages=-,addtotoc={1,section,1,{Another PDF},test}]{test.pdf}

I will not number the entry in the toc for the included pdf. Well, I can set the number, denoting depth of section to a higher value than tocdepth/secnumdepth (which is working, like \includepdf[pages=-,addtotoc={1,section,6,{Another PDF},test}]{test.pdf} ).

Is there a smarter solution available?

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You could say something like { \renewcommand\thesection{} \addtocounter{section}{-1} \includepdf[pages=-,addtotoc={1,section,1,{Another PDF},test}]{b.pdf} } but I am not sure of this would be "smarter". – Gonzalo Medina Mar 22 '13 at 2:37
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You know the command addsec provided by a KOMA class. You can use this as an option of addtotoc:

\includepdf[pages=-,addtotoc={1,addsec,1,{Another PDF},test}]{test-crop.pdf}
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