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This is a follow-up question to PDF bookmark customization

How is it possible, to set in an report/scrreprt all chapters with bold bookmarks in the pdf bookmarks? I've found a discussion about it (in german: renewcommand chapter), however, the MWE from there is not compiling with pdflatex (TeX Live 2012)



\@ifstar {\@chapter}{\@dblarg\@chapter}%


\chapter[Kurze Überschrift]{Lange Überschrift}
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Option addtohook helps:

    \ifnum\bookmarkget{level}<1 %

Some remarks:

  • pdfTeX in PDF mode is detected automatically by hyperref and bookmark.
  • I have put option open in \bookmarksetup. This way \usepackage{bookmark} do not need options (reducing option clash conflicts).
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