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I am trying to format a long equation with an overly long LHS, namely:

\hat{N}_{A1}(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2 + \hat{N}_{A1}^2a_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2 + \hat{N}_{A1}^2b_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1}) & = & \hat{N}_{A1}a_B^2a_A^2c_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2

I tried to use the \IEEEeqnarraymulticol command with 3 columns merged into one, left justified like this:

\hat{N}_{A1}(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2 + \hat{N}_{A1}^2a_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2 + \hat{N}_{A1}^2b_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})
}\\ \quad & = & \hat{N}_{A1}a_B^2a_A^2c_A(c_A + \hat{N}_{A1})^2

But I get the error:

"Class IEEEtran Error: Invalid column type "1" in in \IEEEeqnarraymulticol.

Any suggestions on how to make IEEEtranstools recognize this column type? FYI, it doesn't work with column type "2" or "3"...

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You should have l ("ell") and not 1 (one) in the second argument to \IEEEeqnarraymulticol – egreg Mar 22 '13 at 9:41
Ahha, thanks a lot! – Scott Brainard Mar 22 '13 at 10:03
I hope you don't mind if I'll vote for this question to be closed, in order to keep the site as tidy as possible. This is not a judgment on your question; feel free to pose new ones. – egreg Mar 22 '13 at 10:07

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