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How to change font variant of title to italics?

Currently only books have titles in italics but misc, article and booklet have normal font variant.

I'm using plain BIBTeX style.

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copy the file plain.bst to plain-new.bst and then replace the title.format strings with title.bformat in all FUNCTION, beginning with article. but not in the FUNCTION {format.title}.

Alternatively you can change the FUNCTION {format.title} to

FUNCTION {format.title}
{ title empty$
    { "" }
    { title "t" change.case$ emphasize}

For a book title the case of the letters is not change, the reason why in FUNCTION {format.btitle} is no change.case function.

Save the plain-new.bst first in your documents directory and choose \bibliographystyle{plain-new} for testing.

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