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Is there way how to turn off numbering of lines for specific line in algorithm2e? I need bold : after keyword. So I tried redefine these macros:

\renewcommand{\KwIn}[1]{\textbf{Input:} #1}
\renewcommand{\KwOut}[1]{\textbf{Output:} #1}

But after try of this:



\KwIn{$(X_{t-1}, u_t, z_t)$}\\


So I need turn off line numbering of 2 first lines (keyword lines). Or specify new keyword which will have bold : after keyword name. This \SetKwInput{Input}{Input} is generating only normal : after Input name (Input: (X...)). I was searching in documentation how adjust style of input/output keywords but nothing about ending : found. Can anybody help?

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Here's one possibility redefining \SetKwInOut:


  \expandafter\ifx\csname InOutSizeDefined\endcsname\relax% if first time used
  \else% else keep the larger dimension
  \fi% the dimension of the box is now defined.
%     {\let\\\algocf@newinout\hangindent=\wd\algocf@inoutbox\hangafter=1\parbox[t]{\inoutsize}{\KwSty{#2}\algocf@typo\hfill:}~##1\par}%
    \algocf@linesnumbered% reset the numbering of the lines

\Input{A bitmap $Im$ of size $w\times l$}
\Output{A partition of the bitmap}
\emph{special treatment of the first line}\;
\For{$i\leftarrow 2$ \KwTo $l$}{
\emph{special treatment of the first element of line $i$}\;
\caption{disjoint decomposition}\label{algo_disjdecomp}


enter image description here

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I'm getting error while compiling: ! Undefined control sequence. <argument> \inoutindent l.177 \SetKwInOut{Output}{Output}. And could you also give me possibility with KwIn and KwOut? Because I don't need same vertical align of :. Thanks for help anyway. – Petr Přikryl Mar 27 '13 at 15:33
@PetrPřikryl I updated my answer to suppress vertical alignment. Regarding the error message, please update your packages. My code will work with version 5.0 (january 06 2013) of algorithm2e. – Gonzalo Medina Mar 27 '13 at 15:54

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