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Just to note, I am new to latex.

I followed the instructions for installing new latex, bib, and bst files from SIGCHI on the MacTex FAQs page. When I open the sample.tex and attempt to compile it using TexWorks using PDFLatex, it renders, but does not create the references.

It gives me an error saying they cannot be found.

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Did you try to compile twice? – Caramdir Feb 7 '11 at 23:58
If you are asking if I compiled it after moving the files into place, yes. – Jeffrey Guenther Feb 8 '11 at 0:12
In order to get references, you need to compile the same file twice in a row (the first time for latex to see where the referenced points are, the second time so that latex can insert the references). – Caramdir Feb 8 '11 at 0:36
I ran it from inside of Texworks. I just tried it again both in Texworks and from the terminal. I am getting the following error: ... LaTeX Warning: Citation `acm_categories' on page 1 undefined on input line 136. [1] No file sample.bbl. .... – Jeffrey Guenther Feb 8 '11 at 1:06
Did you run bibtex? – Caramdir Feb 8 '11 at 1:38
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To use references in Texworks, you must run PDFLatex, then BibTex, and then PDFLatex to generate a new PDF with the references in it. Say we have sample.tex

The first step generates both a sample.aux and sample.pdf file which is used by BibTex to insert the citations. Then the sample.aux is turned into a new PDF with references by PDFLatex when you run it a second time.

If you are working in Texworks or TexShop just beware of the steps required to compile a .tex document with references into a PDF or some other similar format. It is a little counterintuitive. You might thing that you just straight from your tex file to a PDF.

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If this solved your problem, then you should accept your answer (click the checkmark on the left); this will move it off the list of unaswered questions. – Hendrik Vogt Feb 9 '11 at 9:08
@Hendrik Vogt: You are correct. It is done. – Jeffrey Guenther Feb 17 '11 at 23:19

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