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I am a few months into learning LaTeX. I would like to use microtype with LuaLaTeX and I would like to obtain letter spacing for my smallcaps. I've tried to follow some of the threads on the subject but when I try to implement the suggestions I just end up with errors. The minimal example below works as far as protrusion/expansion, but the letterspacing is just ignored. Please excuse my frankenCode... I cobbled it together from a bunch of different threads on this forum... any advice would be much appreciated. I need the font expansion due to very narrow columns and I need to use LuaLaTeX due to some packages I'm working with.



\setmainfont[Microtype,Numbers=OldStyle]{Arno Pro}


LetterSpace=3.0, Scale=.95]


{\regBlackSmallCaps This is a test}


EDIT: Thank you Mico for responding. After going though the answers to similar posts I've managed to get a little further. Using Renderer=Basic and making sure I have updated versions of fontspec and microtype, the code below works. The first line spaces correctly, the second line doesn't. I'm wondering if there is a way to Incorporate the \textls{\addfontfeatures{Renderer=Basic} into the newfontfamily specifications.


]{Arno Pro}

\newfontfamily{\smBlackSC} %Small | Black | Smallcap
[Letters={UppercaseSmallCaps, SmallCaps},
LetterSpace=9 .0, 


{\smBlackSC{\textls{\addfontfeatures{Renderer=Basic}Lorem Ipsum}}}

{\smBlackSC Lorem Ipsum}

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The user guide to the latest version (2.5) of the microtype package notes, on pp. 26f., that the command \newfontfeature{Microtype}{protrusion=default;expansion=default} "should not be used with this package, as it will basically override the settings made by microtype -- despite the naming, the above lines have nothing to do with the this package." [emphasis in the original] Incidentally, if all you want or need is letterspacing capability, you may want to look into using the letterspace package. –  Mico Mar 28 '13 at 0:09
Regarding your edit: Did you not try out to add Renderer=Basic to \newfontfamily? Something like [Renderer=Basic,Letters=…,Letterspace=…. What happens then? –  Speravir Apr 2 '13 at 14:23
Thanks Speravir. I tried that and it doesn't work for me... no errors but no letterspacing either. –  theobear Apr 2 '13 at 17:00
I ended up putting \textls{\addfontfeatures{Renderer=Basic} wherever I use small caps which was messy but works. another problem is that Renderer=Basic breaks my use of xcolor that I set up in my \newfontfamilies so I have to declare the color again whenever I use smallcaps and my second color. Frustrating. So, I'm hoping there will be further development of LuaLaTeX, Microtype and fontspec so they will play better together. –  theobear Apr 7 '13 at 12:11
I just tried the example using TeX Gyre Pagella, because the Arno font is not available (to me). Microtype was updated 2013/05/23 and I used the the beta7 before that. In both cases you can use letterspacing with LuaLaTeX. The 2nd example works for me on an updated TeXLive 2013. –  Andy Dec 23 '13 at 19:17

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