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I found a strange error … I’m typesetting a musical score with Sibelius 7. And to add some text and notes I use LaTeX (i.e. xelatex but the error is the same with pdflatex). To get a complete PDF of the text and the score I use pdfpages to input the score PDF into the TeX document, like this




Which produces this output:

Input to Acrobat

To change the color of some other included images I use Acrobat’s color conversion (Gray Gamma 1.8; keep black) and that make the result look bad:

Acrobat’s output

Create score.pdf with Sibelius 7
→ include score.pdf in input.tex with pdfpages
→ run pdflatex input or xelatex input
→ open input.pdf with Acrobat [first screenshot]
→ convert colors using “Gray Gamma 1.8” and “keep black“ (?) option
→ save converted PDF as output.pdf [second screenshot]

If I color convert score.pdf directly with Arcobat there are no problems, why I guess there is an issue with pdfpages … any ideas?

You can find all files in this ZIP (http://tweh.de/texsx/pdfpages_error.zip) (its my server).

I asked the same question in the german typography community typografie.info (direct link to my question).

Since I didn’t find a real solution yet I started a third thread at HilfDirSelbst.ch (in german). It seems like it’s an Acrobat bug but I’m not sure right now. I’ll be back here if it comes out as a TeX problem … ;-)

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That ensemble bracket hints that there are some pen options passed prematurely or illegally since the line width has changed. – percusse Mar 31 '13 at 12:48
@percusse: Thanks. Can you say at which point the error occurs, i.e. which author should get a bug report? – Tobi Mar 31 '13 at 14:55
I wish I knew. To be honest, it's just a hunch. – percusse Mar 31 '13 at 14:57
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Some time elapse and I did some research in other communities – this is the sad result:

  • The line width error is a (now reported) bug in Acrobat
  • The cropped font is a Sibelius bug (now reported too)

The only thing I can do is to wait for the fixes and find a clever workaround in the meantime …

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