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If I load the listing package to set nice code and change the font size (like suggested there: Shrinking monospace style for listings package), I lose the syntax highlighting, because the font does not get bold anymore.


  int a = 5;
  //int should be bold, it's not.
  //commenting out basicstyle makes it bold, but to big

Is there some way to change the font size of listings without losing code highlighting?

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I just found the answer myself by trial-and-error:


So you don't have to overwrite the font family, contrary to what the answer in the linked question suggested.

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The standard monospaced font (Computer Modern Typewriter) has no bold variant. If you load \usepackage{lmodern}, then you'll get boldface also with \ttfamily. – egreg Mar 29 '13 at 22:13

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