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I want to add multiple (two) signature fields to the bottom of the first page of my beamer document. My first page is a \titlepage. I found a solution but it does not work for the beamer class because of an error

illegal parameter number in definition of \test, ... \iterate
and \beamer@doitinframe

My MWC is:



    %% I was inserting the solution here

\begin{frame}[label=toc]{Table of Contents}

\section{First Section}  

\section{Second Section}

\section{Third Section}
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I'll adapt this solution to your case, to use only two names on signatures. Also, I deleted the date since you have it from \titlepage.

Insert the code below on preamble:



and after \titlepage use


Here is the sample:

enter image description here

You can adjust the size of the boxes and rules if the names are too long.

Try to read and understand the code.

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