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I am writing a document, which has several chapters, using the classicthesis package, which can be downloaded in this link.

I compile the .tex file and create the PDF. When I use Adobe Reader to open the PDF, the starting page is not the first page and Adobe Reader shows the 7th page. Is there a way to specify that the starting page is the first page of the document?

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More information is needed. This sounds like a \frontmatter vs \mainmatter issue to me, but my crystal ball is notoriously unreliable. – jon Apr 1 '13 at 6:33
Yes, my idea was to diagnose the error source, is it from .tex side then MWE may be needed @jon says or pdf viewer side – texenthusiast Apr 1 '13 at 6:54
kindly take us virtually to the procedure adopted for generating .pdf from .tex by taking your link doc to make simple example. As i am not aware of it. – texenthusiast Apr 1 '13 at 8:04
Set hyperref at pdfstartpage=1 – Yiannis Lazarides Apr 1 '13 at 13:20
@Ahmad Glad you had the issue solved. Won't you post an answer and accept it so that the question doesn't show up in the unanswered section? – Yiannis Lazarides Apr 1 '13 at 19:18
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Initially, the setting for hyperref in the file classicthesis-config.tex is pdfstartpage=3. Therefore, modifying it to pdfstartpage=1 sets the starting page of the document to the first page.

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