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I'm using TeXstudio 2.5.2 together with Jabref 2.9.2 and BibLaTeX. Everything in my document works fine except that when I enter \cite no pop-up with all the bibliography entries shows up. The weird part is that it didn't work at first, then after a hint of a colleague it did and now it doesn't work anymore. Now I know, that this isn't the biggest problem in the world (especially when you're using Jabref, since there's a button to push a citation to your TeX file) but sometimes it would be nice to have the popup.

Below I have a minimal "working" example (obviously if one adapts the directories) - what I'm doing is, is calling the \printbibbliography command in an external .tex file called Verzeichnisse (which is then called by the the input command) - this is due to said tip of my colleague which acutally worked at first.

Does anymone have an idea to make this thing work (again)?

\documentclass[a4paper, parskip, 11pt, chapterprefix, numbers=noenddot]{scrbook}




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From my work with TeXstudio I assume the file with the bibliography entries must be opened in TeXstudio. –  Qrrbrbirlbel Apr 2 '13 at 21:55
Thanks for your answer - that's what I acuatlly did at first and it didn't work. That's also why I tried this detour via the external .tex-file, which actually worked at first. I just tried to open the bibliography file in the main file, but the popup still doesn't show up –  Bobby Apr 3 '13 at 8:29
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So, I've got the solution (i.e. someone more intelligent than me told me) - the problem was, that there was a hard-line break in \usepackage[...]{biblatex}. After fixing it the cite popup was showing up again.

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