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I am using Emacs with Auctex. Is it possible to make files with .tikz extension to enter latex-mode automatically?

Also, what is the best practice for compiling .tikz files that will be included in another LaTeX document. I want to be able to see the effect of changes I make to the .tikz file without going back to the original document to recompile each time.

Another related question is how I can get syntax-highlighting in Emacs/Auctex for TikZ documents.

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I'm not an emacs user, so I can't test/confirm this; but this might work: stackoverflow.com/a/17778046/1773196 (change "\\.tex$" to "\\.tikz$"). –  Paul Gessler Mar 1 at 22:37
For highlighting, see tex.stackexchange.com/q/19856/17423. –  Sean Allred Mar 31 at 2:05
What's the status of this question? Did the comments above help you find a solution? –  Paul Gessler 2 days ago

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