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I have several \bigoplus operators, indexed by i from 1 to d, using \bigoplus_i

Now, I want to use these operations on terms indexed by j from 1 to d. My first attempt to write this was \mathop{\bigoplus_i}_{j=1}^d which puts all subscripts and superscripts to the right.

I want the 'i' to be a subscript down and to the right, but I want 'j=1' to appear beneath the operator and 'd' to appear above. I've tried a few different ideas (using '\displaystyle') without getting what I wanted.

Finally, \mathop{\bigoplus{}_i}_{j=1}^d worked; but I'm not sure the spacing is ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I would try with sideset from the amsmath package:



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Thank you! 'sideset' seems to be exactly what I needed. It puts the subscript at just the right level for the 'bigoplus'. – Jonas Kibelbek Feb 9 '11 at 16:53

try this one:

\[ \bigoplus\limits_{j=1}^d{}_i \]

enter image description here

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Thanks; that also works. Comparing your solution with Yuppie's and mine, I think my solution and yours are equivalent, putting the subscript at the default subscript height. Yuppie's solutions puts the subscript lower and closer to the 'bigoplus'. – Jonas Kibelbek Feb 9 '11 at 16:58

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