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I am writing my Ph.D. thesis in XeLaTeX with Biblatex, and there are times when I need to compile individual chapters, and times when I need to compile the entire document, so I use subfiles, which works wonderfully. However, in each of these chapters I have a \printbibliography command, which I would like to turn off when compiling the final document, so that only the \printbibliography command is run in the mainfile.

The file structure is something like:

\usepackage{subfiles, biblatex}



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From subfiles.sty the \subfile command is defined as:


So it is straightforward to hook in some code to locally redefine \printbibliography to do nothing. For an example add the following to the preamble of the main file:






Note that biblatex makes bibliographic data available via citation commands. So unless you want to view the bibliography entries outside the main file, the subfiles need not invoke \printbibliography.

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I have tested this and it works perfectly. – Skander Apr 5 '13 at 23:39
This stuff goes in the main file or in the subfile? Does it works with standard LaTeX or has something XeLaTeX specific? – Lucas Soares Jun 22 '14 at 2:29

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