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The following MWE prints a cumulative bibliography, subdivided by chapter, using biblatex. I would like to use the pagestyle called special within the bibheading definition rather than invoking it explicitly at the end of my document. I would also like that once the bibliography is printed the 'main' pagestyle is reestablished. So, is it possible to use a pagestyle (defined with titlesec) within a bibheading definition in biblatex? And can that pagestyle scope be limited to just the bibliography?



  [\thepage][][\chaptertitlename\space\thechapter. \chaptertitle]
    {\chaptertitlename\space\thechapter. \chaptertitle}}{}{\thepage}


% Bibliography at the end:
  % \thispagestyle{plain}
  % \pagestyle{special} % I WANT TO PLACE IT HERE




\section{First Section}


\pagestyle{special}  % I DON"T WANT TO PLACE IT HERE


Where bar.bib is

 author={M. O. Jackson},
 title={Social and Economic Networks},
 publisher={Princeton University Press},
 address={Princeton, NJ}, 

 author={Von Neumann, John and John Nash},
 title={Game Theory},
 booktitle={Microeconomic Theory},
 bookauthor={Andreu Mas Collel},
 publisher={Mit Press},

 author={Lloyd Shapley},
 title={A value for n-person games},
 booktitle={Contributions to the Theory of Games},
 editor={Harold Kuhn and Albert Tucker},
 translator={Jurgen Pollock},
 publisher={Princeton Press},
 address={Princeton, NJ},

 author={Rick Durret},
 title={Probability Theory},
 publisher={Duxburry Press},
 address={Belmont, Ca},

 author={Walter Thomson},
 title={Cooperative models of bargaining},
 booktitle={Handbook of Game Theory},
 editor={Robert Aumman and I. Hart},
 publisher={North Holland},

 author={Xavier Carvalho},
 title={The Great Diversification},
 type={Working Paper 1624},
 institution={National Bureau of Economic Research},

 author    = {Juan Lopez and Ignacio Indigo},
 title     = {Checking whether smartand work},
 booktitle = {Stack Exchange answers},
 editor    = {Domingo Peron},
 publisher = {Latex},
 address   = {Knuth Place},
 year      = {1983}
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What about using \preto{\bibbysegment}{\pagestyle{special}}? – Guido Apr 5 '13 at 23:58
@Guido That is perfect for the bibliography segment, but I also want to restablish the main style afterwards. I tried using \appto{\bibbysegment}{\pagestyle{main}} but that obviously didn't work. Any idea on how to restablish the main style for subsequent pages? – petobens Apr 8 '13 at 5:08
I did some tests and, for some reason, the settings I suggested in my answer don't work in your MWE; unfortunately, I couldn't find a way to automatically restore the page style after the bibliography, so I am deleting my answer. – Gonzalo Medina Apr 9 '13 at 23:50
@GonzaloMedina Thanks for the attempted solution. I edited my question accordingly. – petobens Apr 10 '13 at 4:13
Would \preto{\chapter}{\cleardoublepage\pagestyle{main} be an acceptable solution for restoring the main style after the bibliography? – Guido Apr 25 '13 at 10:56
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You can use the following code whereby the new hook \AfterRefsegments is defined:

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