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I'm writing my thesis based on documentclass{report}. It uses my own style (some other information about it here), and everything works just fine.

Now, according to my University requirements, I should include ---as appendix--- in my dissertation the papers I wrote while doing it. These papers are also written in LaTeX, but they are written using the documentclass{IEEEtran}, which, of course, uses its own IEEE style depending if it is an article or conference proceedings.

My question is, can I used any of the packages mentioned here to include the code of my papers in my thesis? Is it going to be any problem with the hyperrref package or any other for that matter?

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What you are trying to achieve appears to be quite a hassle, as the individual parts of your document will have totally different styles. Here's a suggestion that mitigates that problem: just include the papers that you published as-they-are (i.e., as PDFs). That's relatively simple and will let you achieve what you want to do.

Some more details can be found here:


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