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I'd like to get the max/min value from a specific column table via function \findmax and \findmin in order to use it in ymin and ymax. I really dont get how \pgfplotstablesort function works. What would be perfect is to call \findmax{YAmax,YA,YAmin} and get back the maximum value of those 3 columns.


    \pgfplotstablesort[sort key={#1},sort cmp={float >}]{\sorted}{data.dat}%

X   YA  YAmin   YAmax   YB  YBmin   YBmax
1   5   4   6   6   5   7
2   3   2   5   7   5   9
3   6   1   9   9   7   13
4   4   2   6   6   1   11
5   0   -1  3   3   0   5
6   1   -3  6   1   -1  2


\pgfplotsset{width=3cm,scale only axis}


\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,solid]  table [x=X, y=YA]   {data.dat}; 
\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,dotted]  table [x=X, y=YAmin]   {data.dat}; 
\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,dotted]  table [x=X, y=YAmax]   {data.dat}; 

\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,solid]  table [x=X, y=YB]   {data.dat}; 
\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,dotted]  table [x=X, y=YBmin]   {data.dat}; 
\addplot [very thick,smooth,red,dotted]  table [x=X, y=YBmax]   {data.dat}; 

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Maybe you can use Christians answer in the pgfplots features mailing list. – Martin Heller Apr 7 '13 at 15:59
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Finally done it.

Just created a function that finds the extrema of a chosen column of the external table.

  % Starting value for max : 0

  % Parsing each element of the first column
  \pgfplotsinvokeforeach {0,...,5}{
    \ifthenelse{ \pgfplotsretval >\mymax  }
    {\pgfmathtruncatemacro{\mymax}{\pgfplotsretval}} % valid
    {}  %invalid
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