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I am trying to create a pdf file with some pictures in it. Those are PNG files with 300dpi. I use texlive and pdflatex from Debian Squeeze.

A simple code of my document would be:





%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Begin of my document %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    \caption{picture with 300 DPI}

As you can see, I told pdflatex that the resolution of my images is 300dpi. When I put them into my document I see strange behavior:

  • My image is 300dpi, my pdflatex setting is 300dpi -> image appears
    smaller in my document then it should
  • My image is 100dpi, my pdflatex setting is still 300dpi -> image has correct size in my document
  • According to the output of \the\pdfimageresolution it is always set to 300dpi

I want my images with 300dpi to appear in correct size in my document without scaling. What am I missing?

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