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I'm using Emacs 23 with AUCTeX/preview-LaTeX for all my LaTeX editing. Mostly I am very happy with this, but I do not like the included graphics previewed in full size. For now my solution is to disable preview for floats and graphics, but what would be really nice would be to get a thumbnail preview of any included graphics.

My problem is that I cannot make sense of the description of \PreviewMacro included in the preview-latex documentation, and in particular it is not clear to me if I can use a clever \PreviewMacro to generate a preview thumbnail for \includegraphics... by evaluating something like \parbox{2cm}{\includegraphics...} (all my graphics is scaled relative to \linewidth) or maybe \includegraphics[width=2cm,...].
My only desperate attempt was


but this went nowhere.
Could this ever work -- and if so, how?

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