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I use a pspicture to draw a electric diagram in one of my slides with beamer, and I've got a pause-command within the pspicture (to make thing appear).

I use \scalebox to make my picture enter the slide without exceeding.

When I compile, I see my footer (I use the theme of my university) scaling with the pspicture.

It's also the same using \psscalebox.

What can I do? Is there a special command to put in the definition of the theme? Can somebody help me?

EDIT : I made an example :



\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{} % Delete Navigation Buttons

\begin{frame}{Here is my diagram}

\begin{pspicture}[showgrid=false](-1.5, 0)(10, 6.5)
    \pnode(-1.5, 5){E}
    \pnode(-1.5, 6.5){F}
    \pnode(-1.5, 8){G}
    \pnode(-1.5, 8.5){H}

    \pnode(0, 0){A}
    \pnode(0, 5){B}
    \pnode(0, 6.5){C}
    \pnode(0, 8){D}
    \pnode(0, 8.5){I}
    \pnode(0, 10){L}

    \pnode(2.5, 8.5){K}
    \pnode(2.5, 5){J}

    \pnode(4, 5.5){A1}
    \pnode(4, 3.5){B1}
    \pnode(4, 1.5){C1}

    \pnode(4.5, 10){M}
    \pnode(4.5, 9){W}

    \pnode(6, 8){Y}
    \pnode(6, 6){X}
    \pnode(6, 5.5){P}
    \pnode(6, 4.5){E1}
    \pnode(6, 2.5){D1}

    \pnode(7, 8.5){N}
    \pnode(7, 8){O}
    \pnode(7, 2.5){G1}
    \pnode(7, 0){H1}

    \pnode(7.5, 4.5){F1}

    \pnode(8, 8){Z}
    \pnode(8, 6){Q}
    \pnode(8, 3.5){I1}
    \pnode(8, 2.5){J1}

    \pnode(10, 6){R}
    \pnode(10, 1.5){K1}

    \pnode(12, 6){S}
    \pnode(12, 0){L1}

    \pnode(13.5, 6){T}
    \pnode(13.5, 0.5){U}
    \pnode(13.5, 0){V}

    \diode[arrows=-*, labeloffset=0.5](I)(K){1N4001}
    \transistor[TRot=-90, transistortype=PNP, transistorinvert=true, transistorcircle=false](W){emitter}{collecteur}
    {\only<1>{\resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=0.7](X)(Y){${\SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}}$}}}

    \coil[dipolestyle=curved, labeloffset=1, arrows=-*](Z)(Q){$\SI{470}{\micro\henry}$} 
    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=-0.8, arrows=-*](A1)(B1){$\SI{4,7}{\kilo\ohm}$}
    \transistor[transistorcircle=false](5.5, 3.5){emitter}{collecteur}
    \capacitor[dipolestyle=chemical, labeloffset=-1]{$\SI{0.012}{\micro\farad}$}
    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=-0.8]{$\SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}$}
    \diode[arrows=-*, labeloffset=0.5](R)(S){1N4001}
    {\only<1>{\capacitor[dipolestyle=chemical, labeloffset=-1, arrows=-*](S)(L1){$\SI{1}{\milli\farad}$}}}
    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=0.7]{$\SI{220}{\ohm}$}


    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=0.7](X)(Y){\cancel{${\SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}}$}}
    \capacitor[dipolestyle=chemical, labeloffset=-1]{\cancel{$\SI{0.012}{\micro\farad}$}}
    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=-0.8]{\cancel{$\SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}$}}
    \capacitor[dipolestyle=chemical, labeloffset=-1, arrows=-*](S)(L1){\cancel{$\SI{1}{\milli\farad}$}}
     \rput(5.3, 6.6){{\color{red}\sffamily ${\SI{47}{\ohm}}$}}
     \rput(8.9, 4.5){\color{red}\sffamily {$\SI{1}{\micro\farad}$}}
     \rput(9.1, 2.2){\color{red}\sffamily {$\SI{5.6}{\kilo\ohm}$}}
     \rput(11, 2.6){\color{red}\sffamily {$\SI{47}{\milli\farad}$}}



You see? The footer on the first slide scales. What happens?

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Welcome to TeX.sx! Please add a minimal working example (MWE) that illustrates your problem. It will be much easier for us to reproduce your situation and find out what the issue is when we see compilable code, starting with \documentclass{...} and ending with \end{document}. I also marked your inline code with backticks. – mafp Apr 12 '13 at 15:19
Please provide the minimal dummy code yet compilable with which we can work. – kiss my armpit Apr 12 '13 at 15:25
I've made a simple example... Hope it'll clear this out ! – EisenHeim Apr 13 '13 at 19:50
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use it this way:



\begin{frame}{Here is my diagram}

\begin{pspicture}[showgrid=false](-1.5, 0)(10, 6.5)
    \pnode(-1.5, 5){E}
    \pnode(-1.5, 6.5){F}
    \wire[arrows=*-*](H1)(G1)%%  end first \psscalebox

    \resistor[dipolestyle=zigzag, labeloffset=0.7](X)(Y){\cancel{${\SI{1}{\kilo\ohm}}$}}


     \rput(9.1, 2.2){\color{red}\sffamily {$\SI{5.6}{\kilo\ohm}$}}
     \rput(11, 2.6){\color{red}\sffamily {$\SI{47}{\milli\farad}$}}%
     }%%%%%%   another \psscalebox



For every slide an own \psscalebox

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