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Unfortunately, in some of our documents we need to print both SI units as well as Imperial units. We have some macros defined as follows:


\def\GPM#1{#1 gpm\FPmul\temp{#1}{3.785}
\FPround\temp{\temp}{2}(\temp\ lpm) }

\def\GALLONS#1{#1 gallons \FPmul\temp{#1}{3.785}
\FPround\temp{\temp}{2}(\temp\ litres)}

\def\LPM#1{#1 lpm\FPdiv\temp{#1}{3.785}
\FPround\temp{\temp}{2}(\temp\ gpm)}


enter image description here

How can one modify the macros, so that if you type a number, the conversion macro picks up the number of decimals automatically and sets the conversion accuracy to the same number of decimals, i.e., typing \GALLONS{150.000} should typeset 567.750 litres.

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Why are you not using siunitx for the units. I can also be used for the rounding. The number of fractional digits can be counted by an recursive macro which reads each a digit a time and increments an counter. – Martin Scharrer Feb 11 '11 at 18:47
@Martin I actually took them out to simplify the example! – Yiannis Lazarides Feb 11 '11 at 18:55
You can try xstring package to detect the accuracy. – Leo Liu Feb 11 '11 at 19:05
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Here is an example for gallons.

enter image description here



  \FPmul\temp{#1}{3.785} #1%
  gallons (\temp\ litres)}



\GALLONS{150.000} should typeset 567.750 litres.

\GALLONS{150.00} should typeset 567.75 litres.

\GALLONS{150} should typeset 568 litres.
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   \FPupn\result{3.785 #1 * \theacc{} round}%
  {NaN} litres}

\gallons{?}      % NaN litres

\gallons{150}    % 568 litres

\gallons{150.0}  % 567.8 litres

\gallons{150.00} % 567.75 litres

\gallons{150.000}% 567.750 litres

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