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I'm having problems with this particular TikZ example:

When I change the theme, for instance:


the footer is not working on the first slide, but it is on the rest of them. Any idea how to solve this particular problem?

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I don't know why, but the \pause command seems to be causing troubles. If you replace

    \foreach \source / \dest in {d/a,d/f,a/b,b/e,e/c,e/g}
        \path<+->[selected edge] (\ -- (\;
    \foreach \source / \dest / \fr in {d/b/4,d/e/5,e/f/5,b/c/6,f/g/7}
        \path<\fr->[ignored edge] (\ -- (\;


    \foreach \source / \dest / \fr in {d/a/2,d/f/3,a/b/4,b/e/5,e/c/6,e/g/7}
        \path<\fr->[selected edge] (\ -- (\;
    \foreach \source / \dest / \fr in {d/b/4,d/e/5,e/f/5,b/c/6,f/g/7}
        \path<\fr->[ignored edge] (\ -- (\;

it works.

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I had this problem with different first slides also in my presentations. There must be some bug in beamer. – Martin Scharrer Feb 12 '11 at 15:10

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