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I have a two-column, double-sided document class based on memoir, where the wide margin is always on the left. I would like the \marginpar to always be in this left margin, irrespective of whether it is called from the left or the right column. Right now it is always in the margin closest to the column.

Here is a minimal example:



% Fix the margin to the left

A first line in the first column. 
\marginpar{I'd like this to be on the left, and it is.}

Another line in the second column. 
\marginpar{I'd like this to be on the left as well, but it's not!}


Using \marginparmargin does not change anything, and it shouldn't for two-column documents. The memoir documentation says the following:

\Xmargin{⟨placement⟩} for possible placements: left, right, outer, and inner

Two column document If the note is placed in the first column, to the left, otherwise to the right, irrespective the document being one- or two-side and of the users choices

Is there a workaround that would allow me to put all \marginpar on the left side?

I need to keep the twoside option for other elements of the template.

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