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Here's my minimal example:

\part{The Only Part}
\chapter{The Only Chapter}
\section{The Only Section}

Everything appears to render fine, except that the parttoc entry for the chapter has no page number (while the entry for the section does).

If I use the report class, with no other changes, the chapter page number reappears. The main toc appears normal in both cases.

I am considering solving this by turning off all page numbers in the parttoc, but I'd like the option of keeping them, with the chapter page numbers too.

I have successfully tested, and accepted, @Stefan Kottwitz' solution with minitoc v60 and memoir v3.6g.

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Normally, \ptcpagenumbers should fix it. But there are known incompatibilities between certain versions of minitoc and memoir, though the minitoc author tries to keep that minimal.

I could reproduce your problem with minitoc v60 and memoir v3.6d. I read in minitoc.sty which internal macro is used. I defined such that it worked. This is the fix, just add it to your preamble:


As known, such internal macros might change in future versions.

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Thank you. Your valuable warning on the last line is duly noted (:-) – Brent.Longborough Feb 12 '11 at 19:06

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