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I am using this code for my seminar paper:


but I was wondering: how many pt are headings=small? It looks like 14pt but I am not sure.

My \chapter has to be 14pt and the written text 12pt. Is there a overview for this like huge, large, normal, tiny,...?

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If you do \chapter{\fontname\font} you get "cmssbx10 at 17.28pt". Use \setkomafont, see section 3.2 in the manual. – egreg Apr 17 '13 at 9:34

KOMA-Script uses the class option file scrsize12pt.clo With option fontsize=12pt. It defines (fontsize/baselineskip):

  • \normalsize: 12pt/14.5pt
  • \small: 11pt/13.6pt
  • \footnotesize: 10pt/12pt
  • \scriptsize: 8pt/9.5pt
  • \tiny: 6pt/8pt
  • \large: 14pt/18pt
  • \Large: 17pt/22pt
  • \LARGE: 20pt/25pt
  • \huge: 25pt/30pt
  • \Huge: \huge

Class scrrprt.cls uses with option headings=small the following sizes for the section headings:

  • \part: \LARGE
  • \chapter: \Large
  • \section: \large
  • \subsection: \normalsize
  • \subsubsection: \normalsize
  • \paragraph: \normalsize
  • \subparagraph: \normalsize

The documentation contains a table with the different font sizes for the section commands with different settings of option headings (scrguien.pdf, 2012-07-22):

Table 3.15.: Default font sizes for different levels of document structuring in scrbook and scrreprt

Thus your \section has font size 14pt. The font size for the chapter can be redefined, e.g.:


Or probably better, using the official interface:

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Ok for confirmation that I have understood right: fontsize=12 means my written text is 12pt and in addtion headings=small affects which sizes are used for \part, \chapter and so on? – Takeru Apr 17 '13 at 11:12
@sceiler fontsize=12 means the base font size including the written text (\normalsize) and yes, headings=small affectys the sizes for \part, \chapter ... – Heiko Oberdiek Apr 17 '13 at 11:30

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