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In a memoir document, I'd like to set different textblock size and margins for the back matter, to give wider space for a glossary.

Similar questions have been asked about changing page layout settings in memoir, nonetheless I can't produce a consistent result (if any). I'm probably missing some trivial step in the MWE below.



\settypeblocksize{32\baselineskip + \topskip}{*}{0.577}% 1/1.732 (sqrt(3)), Hexagon ratio
\setlrmargins{*}{*}{1.125}% 1/0.889 major 2nd ratio
\setulmargins{*}{*}{1.701}% Tall Pentagon ratio



\chapter{A Message From Mars}

In plain English, at 4 a.m., a ray of light had been observed on the
disc of the planet Mars in or near the "terminator"; that is to


\settypeblocksize{32\baselineskip + \topskip}{110mm}{*}


``Some ten times round the world. Well, is that tremendous vacuum
absolutely impassable?''


  \item[The next] evening promised well, and I kept my appointment, but unfortunately a slight haze
  \item[gathered] in the sky and prevented us from making further observations.
  \item[While] hoping in vain for it to clear away, Professor Gazen and I talked



The log prints the new page dimensions:

Text height and width: 446.2002pt by 257pt
Spine and edge margins: 82.88574pt and 93.2786pt
Text height and width: 446.2002pt by 312pt
Spine and edge margins: 80.80585pt and 39.83385pt

But somehow it ain't happening:

enter image description here

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Add this after \checkandfixthelayout (might also be a good idea to add a \clearpage before changing the layout)


It is taken from geometry.sty



should do the same. Not quite sure why this was not added to \checkandfix...

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Awesome! This has been driving me nuts! – sh1ftst0rm May 13 '13 at 19:07

Here's a MWE of @daleif's solution:


% Set some custom paper size and layout

\usepackage{lipsum} % dummy text

% Reset the margins to be symmetric

% Magic happens here. Comment this to get non-symmetric margins

% Now center something on the page. 
% Vertical centering is still somewhat off?
{\Huge + }



To revert this, it seems the following works (although I don't know why), \ch@ngetext seems to be a toggle:

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