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I've created my own beamer theme which uses a vertical shading for the background, but whenever I'm using a plain frame a thin white strip is left at the top of the page.

I've created a minimum working example that shows the problem even with the default beamer theme:


\setbeamertemplate{background canvas}[vertical shading][bottom=red,top=red]


Does anybody know a solution to this?

Btw, I'm using beamer version 3.0.1.

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Works fine for me with "Beamer 2010/06/21 development version 3.10". This seems to be an bug which got fixed in the current version. Note that beamer uses PGF which should also be updated.

I used to have the exact same issue until I updated beamer and PGF.

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Thanks, I've already suspected something like this. I installed the newest version in my personal texmf tree and the problem is gone! – user3591 Feb 14 '11 at 20:03

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