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I'm using the report document class and the chapter titles are very large, in bold font, and left justified. I need them to be 18pt, not bold, and centered. I also need the words 'chapter 1' to be centered above the chapter title. My preamble and chapters look like this:

\usepackage{setspace}\doublespacing    % important!
\textfloatsep 0.75in                   % important with double spacing


\chapter{chapter title}


I have tried modifying as follows:

\centerline{\chapter{chapter title}}


\chapter{chapter title}

but I don't think this is going to work...

Their are lots of posts related to this topic but I can't make sense of which exact parts to use for my application. Please help with my specific case.

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Without loading any package you can redefine \@makechapterhead – Marco Daniel Apr 26 '13 at 18:51

You can achieve this by using titlesec package and \titleformat command:

\titleformat{\chapter}[display]{\Large\centering}{Chapter \thechapter:}{0pt}{}{}

where you choose what command to modify (\chapter), use vertical mode with zero spacing (display and 0pt) and set font and centering (\Large is a 18 pt?).

Full listing:

    \textfloatsep 0.75in

    \titleformat{\chapter}[display]{\Large\centering}{Chapter \thechapter:}{0pt}{}{}


    \chapter{chapter title}

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thank you for the clear and concise answer. I figured toe chapter titles now and I'm working on the section titles. I include the following in my preamble. \usepackage{titlesec} \titleformat{\chapter}[display]{\centering}{CHAPTER \thechapter}{0pt}{}{} \titleformat{\section}[display]{}{\thesection}{0pt}{}{}. Now the section label (3.1 for example) and the section name (abstract for example) appear on different lines. How to fix...? – user29753 Apr 26 '13 at 19:12
@user29753: Just remove the [display] for \section, this option enables vertical "mode". – m0nhawk Apr 26 '13 at 19:28

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