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When I define two new level using titlesec, the reference doesn't work correctly.

This is an example:



% First level
\titleformat{\exemple}[runin]{}{\theexemple}{0em}{Exemple \ }[\quad]


% -------------------------------------------------------------------
% second one

\titleformat{\suiteexemple}[runin]{}{\thesuiteexemple}{0em}{Suite de l'exemple \ }[\quad]

% -------------------------------------------------------------------


\section{one} \label{sec:one}


\exemple{First exemple} 

\exemple{Second example}



Reference to exemple : \ref{ex:one}


The reference is displayed as "1", but it should be "1.1" (the exemple counter is not displayed).

If you comment the code between the % ------ the reference is correctly displayed.

Do you know any workaround on this problem?

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I get "Reference to exemple : 1" (just copied an pasted from the PDF file). – egreg Apr 27 '13 at 15:06
Yep, but it should be "Reference to exemple : 1.1" – Paul Pichaureau Apr 27 '13 at 17:08
Sorry I don't know how to include the result of a compilation. – Paul Pichaureau Apr 27 '13 at 17:08
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The problem is in how \titleclass works.

With \titleclass{\exemple}{straight}[\subsection] you're inserting a new numbering level between \subsection and \subsubsection. So \example becomes level 3 and \subsubsection is shifted to level 4.

With the following \titleclass{\subexemple}{straight}[\subsection] you do the same, so \subexemple becomes level 3 and \exemple is shifted to level 5.

Therefore, with the usual value of 3 for secnumdepth, \exemple loses its numbering and the \label{ex:one} command will refer to the last "refstepped" command which happened at \section{one}.

You probably have better to define \suiteexemple in terms of \example* or saying

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Ok, I get it! I thought \titleclass...[\subsection] define something "at the same level" than \subsection I should define both command in term of \subsection – Paul Pichaureau May 1 '13 at 6:57

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