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I am using a Ubuntu 12.04 machine in which I have loaded LaTeX (packages from CTAN, not the default ones). I want to bring hyperlinks in the bibliography files. Though my bib file contains all the informations (including the doi and hyperlinks) after compiling they do not appear in the pdf. I believe it is due to some some of my commands in the header files, because when I write a Physical Rev articles using REVTeX, they do appear in the place. For reference, I am giving the necessary parts

\usepackage{amsmath,amscd,amsfonts,amssymb, color, cite, bbm}
\usepackage{latexsym, graphicx, pstricks,rotating,subfig}

and as usual it ends with


I could not find out what mistake I am making. For reference, I have picked up the style file h-physrev. I am not sure where this is a duplicate question. Solutions given in the related questions does not seem to work.

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I think your issue is due to the \bibliographystyle you are picking.

For example, if I use \bibliographystyle{IEEEtranSN} (along with the hyperref and url packages) I get the following output:

enter image description here

Each bibliography style decides what to show, and you could customize this at your will. Please see this question for more information:

Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles

**Please note that the reason there are backreferences is because I set it so. The normal IEEEtranSN does not include them.

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