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I used MiKTeX 2.9 on windows.
I have downloaded a package I want to install from the internet (manually, not through MiKTeX). The archive (*.lmza) containing the package was saved to a directory on my C:\ drive.
Through MikTeX -> Maintenance -> Settings -> Packages -> Change...
I can select the directory in which I have saved the archive containing the package.
However, if I choose Packages shall be installed from a directory and choose the location of the package, I get this error message:
C:\my\package\is\here does not seem to be a local package repository.
What does it take for a directory/folder to become a local package repository?

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In addition to any package archive you store in any directory, at least these two other files need to be present:


These two contain the complete package list. Once those archives are present, the directory/folder can be specified as local package repository

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